First day of travel, by the numbers

by The Halls

  • Miles traveled before a progress-impeding technical difficulty: 23
  • Number of car repair professionals required to get us on the road: 4
  • Miles traveled before stopping for a meal: 38
  • Maximum speed (in mph) traveled in our truck: 70 (speed limit with a trailer in mph: 55)
  • Total miles traveled: 150
  • Percent of hotel rooms we booked that housed rabbits: 50%
  • Percent of our rabbits that got loose in the hotel room: 50%
  • Minutes it took for the rabbit to escape: .0000001
  • Minutes it took to catch the rabbit: 20
  • Number of rabbit abduction professionals required to get the rabbit back in its cage: 4
  • Hours of sleep allotted to recover from the above: 3

Reaction shot: