Idaho Potato Museum, part I: Potatoes–they’re just like us!

by The Halls

If there’s one thing we learned in our <24 hours in Idaho, it’s that Idahoans take their potatoes seriously. Like, really seriously.

So seriously, in fact, that they have erected a completely un-ironic museum dedicated to the ubiquitous tubers.

Or, as Kim called it based on this structure, the Idaho Po-turd-o Museum.

This gem taught us many things, the most important of which is that we have a lot in common with our starchy friends. For example:

They react poorly to being impaled.


They get huge.

Their town is a salad bowl.* (*If you don’t get this reference, look up “My Town is a Salad Bowl” by Tom Chapin and enjoy a little slice of Amanda’s childhood.)

They go wild…

…And get down.

If they’ve got it, they flaunt it.

And finally…

They just want you to hold them.

Note to self: start a “Pretty girls posing with extra large potatoes” Tumblr

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