Idaho Potato Museum, part II: Vote for your favorite Hall potato face!

by The Halls

As you may know from reading our earlier post, “Potatoes–they’re just like us!“, we recently took an impromptu detour to soak in the glory of the Idaho Potato Museum.

See? We went there.

Now it’s your turn to do something unexpected.

Readers, we impart upon you a solemn and grave responsibility. It’s up to you to decide:

Whose face looks the most like this disturbing, anthropomorphized potato?

Consider the following entries dispassionately and submit your choice for first and second place in the comments. Votes will be tallied when we touch Massachusetts soil; the winner will receive bragging rights and a potato-based meal of their choice prepared by the losers.

Is it…Kim?




or Bruce?

Cast your vote for first and second place in the comments. Agent Fox Mulder appreciates your input:

Voting is your civic duty. Mulder thinks you are a true patriot for participating.