Yellowstone’s okay I guess…

by The Halls

…if you’re into, like, stunning scenery and hiking and wildlife and stuff. Whatever.

The aforementioned scenery. And hiking. And wildlife, kind of.

(If you went nuts for this picture of us with nature, check out our previous post, People laughing with waterfall.)


Apparently you’re not supposed to get this close to enormous wild animals. No one told us (except the park ranger that drove by and yelled at us as we were taking this picture). Although, its vicious demeanor should have tipped us off:

Bison don’t care. Look at that sleepy $*&#.

Plus, what’s the fun in taking pictures from an appropriate distance?

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for. Although, to be fair, ships are harder to maul than humans.


And now for something completely different–please enjoy some assorted photos of Yellowstone in all its glory (click a thumbnail to enlarge):


And finally, a complete list of places we’ve visited so far that are more beautiful than Yellowstone: