We’re running late–I think we need to Rushmore

by The Halls

(Ironically, our detour to Mt. Rushmore put us even further behind schedule, if anything.)

Since these four presidents were so instrumental in the development of our great nation and we owe them many debts of gratitude, we decided to pose normally in front of these solemn historical figures, paying their majestic likenesses due deference and respect instead of doing something silly.

BAHAHAHA just kidding, we totally made idiots of ourselves by trying to pose like them.

…And then added a photobomber, just to put the cherry on top of the sacrilege sundae.

But don’t worry, we also learned a lot. Like the fact that Jefferson was an ice cream cone, and also that a “small” ice cream cone in South Dakota is three scoops. So a lot about ice cream, mainly.

He did always strike me as kind of vanilla.

I ordered a small, hyper-patriotic mint chocolate chip. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Oh, you wanted to know what we learned about the presidents that might actually be useful? Well, it turns out neither Lincoln nor Washington had any formal education. No college for the twins! We spent $11 to get into the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and got a $200,000 piece of info. Pretty good deal, we think.