If our trip was the Olympics, these would be the events

by The Halls

Cycling three drivers through two cars in shifts.

Sprinting across the less-than-captivating states. (We won’t name names.)

Tackling the many Hurdles involved in smuggling two live rabbits into non-pet-friendly hotels.

A sign in the lobby of the hotel from which I’m currently posting this. Whoops.

Diving headfirst into the experience with a (mostly) positive attitude.

Facial gymnastics. (Bruce is heavily favored for the gold:)

Swimming through a sea of rough-and-tumble bikers without making eye contact.

Wrestling over control of the car’s DVD player.

Lifting suitcases up flights of stairs in hotels without elevators.

Also from our current hotel.

Sailing through hour-long amusement park lines by playing cat’s cradle with Andrew’s necklace.

Deal-hunting at the J. Crew outlets.

And finally…

Bowling. No joke about this one; the Halls just feel strongly that bowling should be an Olympic event.