Choose your own adventure!

by The Halls

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? The ones where you go on a magical journey and you flip to page whatever depending on what you want to do next, and if you choose wrong you get eaten by dragons and stuff? Well, this is like that (sort of).

You’re 10 days into a cross-country trek with America’s favorite family, the Halls. The road behind you is littered with amazing sights, enlightening experiences, sweet memories, and rabbit turds hastily swept into hotel room trashcans. The road ahead? Well, that remains to be explored.

Now the caravan has pulled into the Wisconsin Dells, the hottest vacation destination in the American midwest. This water- and theme-park-filled tourist trap is the site of a fork in the road, and you have a choice to make. Decide, lest ye be mired in purgatory forever:

Option A: Stay in the Wisconsin Dells for one more night.


Option B: Drive on to Hammond, Indiana.

Click on your choice to discover your fate–and find out which Hall contingent you’ve elected to tag along with.