CYOA Option B: Drive on to Hammond, Indiana

by The Halls

This post is part of our “Choose your own adventure!” series. You’ll want to read the first post in the series before you read this one.

Along with Bruce and Andrew, you’ve chosen to drive to Hammond, Indiana, the site of the DV8 South Shore Open. (That’s a senior PBA bowling tournament, in case you didn’t know).  You get to watch Bruce bowl as a pro in the pro-am, watch him try to qualify for the finals, and watch him get beat by PBA stars like Walter Ray Williams Jr., Tom Baker (who gives a ball to Andrew, making him an instant hero), and Hugh Miller (the eventual winner).  Bruce cashes, however, missing the finals by just 5 pins over 16 games!

Then, just as you walk out of the bowling alley, a dragon comes out of nowhere and eats you. Oops! Click here to try the other option.