Mythbusters: Halls Across America Edition

by The Halls

Myth #1: The desert is flat. Status: BUSTED. (Just try driving across it in a truck with a trailer and you’ll notice every single incline.)

Myth #2: They grow potatoes in Idaho. Status: CONFIRMED.

Myth #3: Yellowstone is beautiful. Status: CONFIRMED.

Myth #4: Monks don’t have any fun. Status: INCONCLUSIVE. They definitely go to tourist destinations, as the below image illustrates, but we have no proof that they have fun there.

Myth #5: Trucks with trailers are harder to drive than normal cars. Status: BUSTED. They’re exactly the same.* (*Unless you want to back up. Or turn. Or go up a hill. Or accelerate. Or decelerate. Or find somewhere to park. Other than that, you’re golden.)

Myth #6: A cross-country move will tear apart even the most close-knit family. Status: INCONCLUSIVE. (We’ll see.)